Nearing the End of Summer

DSCN1036 (2)

I can’t remember exactly where this lake is, but I like the picture enough to post it. It’s a gentle image I’ve come to appreciate this late in August. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it even more come February.

The list of suspects grows in leaps and bounds in Food for Thought! It’s so much fun setting up a killer – that is – Nadine Rhodes’s killer.

Ken Rhodes, of course, lives!

For the past week I’ve been a writing fool. I switch back and forth between the cozy mystery and the stand-alone, Recurring, which sparked a bit of interest when I spoke of the book at a recent conference. Imagine my surprise, as well as my horror, because the novel is only a quarter done! It’s seat-of-my-pants writing, yet it’s sort of outlined too. Yes, that’s a contradiction – but I’m a Gemini so I’m always battling my own self anyway.

Food For Thought is an easier write. Being part of a cozy series, I know so many of the characters well, and the newly introduced characters are fitting right in. Of course, some investigating takes place outside Tranquil Harbor, but there’s always plenty going on in town to keep things homey and interesting.

I hope everybody is enjoying these end of summer weeks. I understand some stores have their Halloween decorations already out on display. That’s pretty sickening if you ask me. Why rush things? Well, I’m not a retailer, so what do I know.

Have a great evening everybody and forgive me for going so long between posts. I’ll try to be more regular – um, with posting that is, not with . . . oh, you know what I mean!

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