Another Man’s Poison August Release

AnotherMansPoison-Cover2-page-001August Release!!!


It’s been over two months since my last post and I’m thoroughly ashamed about that! I received a comment on my site this morning under the Cover Reveal post about the upcoming book’s release and she pushed me into action! The fact is, I hadn’t heard much about Another Man’s Poison for a while, when Dru Ann Love contacted me last month to ask if I was interested in doing A Day in the Life for her popular blog, Dru’s Book Musings. That inquiry got the ball rolling. I bugged the editors at PageSpring Publishing and shamelessly pushed. They’ve been a little behind in releasing titles due to several unforeseen events and authors simply had to wait their turns. As it happens, my turn has finally arrived.

Another Man’s Poison will definitely be released in August. I’m doing a guest post for Dru’s site on August 22nd, and I’ve sent in my dedication, acknowledgments, and a revised bio to the publisher to be included in the book. The publisher is putting together a nice blog tour (I’ll post the schedule when it is all booked and finalized). All very exciting!

It’s been exactly two years since Hide nor Hair! I can’t believe that much time has passed. I think everyone’s been sidetracked – at least I know I have, working on other things and dealing with the obstacles life throws at me to trip me up and comically entertain the cosmic universe.

So it’s coming. And soon. And thank you all for your patience and interest!

Off discussion and on a side note – has anyone experienced the latest Microsoft update and had trouble? I turned on my desktop this morning and was greeted with a shot of a field filled with lavender and a prompt to type in my password. The problem – I had absolutely no idea what my password was! So I placed a call to Microsoft, where I needed a linguist to interpret the tech’s suggestions, took a dozen more tries at guessing the right password, received an advisement to wipe out the whole system (and lose tons of files which aren’t backed up including one entire manuscript, the start of two separate new series, and an outline of a book that I hope will be a NYT bestseller, as well as over a thousand pictures). Obviously I wasn’t about to do that. After a suggestion to contact HP, I hung up. This exchange took over an hour and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I ran to the bathroom cabinet and took a whole Xanax pill (I hate taking medications) to avoid a stroke. I finally controlled my shaking hands, calmed down, and started fooling around with password combinations and took some wild guesses. I was finally able to sign on!

The moral of my story — write down every single password you’ve ever used. Back up everything – no matter how insignificant you think it is – on a flash drive or a disk! Microsoft automatically did this “update” without my permission (second time in a row). They will never hold me hostage again.

Have a great night everyone! Remember to back up your work!

9 thoughts on “Another Man’s Poison August Release

  1. Dear Jo-Ann, So thrilled to see the new book coming this August! Can’t wait. Microsoft can be a big problem when they decide to install updates on their own. Some of the updates are not always compatible with programs or Apps on the computer. I actually now back everything up by using the backup program Carbonite which to me is totally worth ythe $59 a year! I also am looking into a new backup program called IDrive which is less expensive and will back-up up to 5 computers for the same price carbonite does one, and it is said to be easier to use. We shall see, there is an introductory price right now for a year, so although I paid for another year of Carbonite, I am also trying iDrive. Err on the side of safety. I really do like the Carbonite program though! It has saved my life a couple of times when I accidentally deleted the spreadsheet of the bookkeeping of my daughter’s music school I am the virtual administrator for. I was able to go into Carbonite and recover it as if nothing ever happened. And it backs things up as you have new things on your computer. Given what could happen, I find calm in knowing that nothing, photos, videos, music, files, documents or anything will be lost!

    Like you, I had a problem forgetting passwords, especially when you don’t use them all the time. I use a small notebook (God forbid something happened to me) no one would be able to get into the bank accounts or charge cards or any thing where a password is important. But…I also use a free program called which is an excellent safe program that remembers your passwords so I double up. Hope this info helps. I hate to see how totally exasperated you got! Can’t wait for Another Man’s Poison!!!!!!! Merry

    On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 6:05 PM, Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa wrote:

    > jreccoppa posted: “August Release!!! It’s been over two months since my > last post and I’m thoroughly ashamed about that! I received a comment on my > site this morning under the Cover Reveal post about the upcoming book’s > release and she pushed me into action! The fac” >

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  2. Oh Merry the amazing reviewer! Thanks so much for your kind words.

    I have to admit I actually cried this morning. And I really did take a Xanax! I should have thought of a gin and tonic, but 7 a.m. is a little early in the day for me! I think I will try out one of your suggestions — I’ll have my son set that up for me. It’s worth the money and after my panic attack this morning, my nerves can use the reassurance! Many thanks for the suggestion! Looking forward to reading more of your Amazon reviews.

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    • Thanks Georgia! Yeah, Merry in the comment above gave some terrific suggestions too! If I wasn’t such a feeb about technology, I would have done this many moons ago. — Till August!


    • Thanks so much Kathy! Only two years in the making. Hope all is well with you too and I like the little heart. I’m trying to figure out how you were able to put that in at the end of your comment! You’re more tech savvy than I will ever be!


  3. Hi Jo-Ann – I purchased your third book, but to be honest I like to read things in order. So I just finished Hide Nor Hair. I put a review/rating on Goodreads and Amazon. Looking forward to Another Man’s Poison!! Enjoyed Colleen in your second book. See you soon – Linda Rawlins

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    • Great hearing from you, Linda! Thanks for the wonderful comments. I’m so behind in my reading. I have a pile of twelve books that should have been read months ago – and more than a few on Kindle too. Shame on me. I’ll read your next in line before the others though. You’re a peach. See ya soon!

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