Merry Christmas to All

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Ho-Ho-Ho everyone!

I know it’s been over a month since my last post and I’m truly sorry. I got so caught up in life that I simply forgot! It happens. And it’s been happening more and more. It could be that I no longer write to-do lists and it slipped my mind, or maybe it’s an early onset of something or other, or perhaps I’ve gotten just plain lazy. Regardless, I’m determined to do better to keep everyone informed of my current works in progress.

As of right now, I’m frantically working on Lesser Saints. The novel is timely considering all the news about sexual harassment. If this book gets finished and can hopefully hit the shelves in the next year or so, it might be viewed as a solid, serious piece of literary fiction. Attitudes toward sexual harassment don’t develop overnight, as you will come to understand if this book is lucky enough to see the light of day. The story centers on a horrific incident that takes place in the 1960s, and shapes the lives of four Catholic grammar school girls who carry on in the aftermath of an assault with a shocking secret.

Recurring, unfortunately, is taking a back seat to Lesser Saints at the moment, though this book also can be considered timely in light of the all the illegal drug stories in the news, as well as the mounting drug addiction crisis in the country.

As for Colleen Caruso and the gang, I haven’t heard anything at all from the publisher. Sales of Another Man’s Poison aren’t what I hoped they would be, and I haven’t seen many reviews either. All this means the probable end of the Jersey Girl series. I love Colleen and the Tranquil Harbor crew, but as the old, annoying saying goes – it is what it is. This is a reality for fiction authors. Many of my author friends have expressed the same view regarding their own cozy mysteries. Bummer, ain’t it? But maybe it’s high time for a change. My writing seems to be going in a totally different direction anyway, so . . .

I hope everyone reading this has a beautiful Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, and an amazing New Year. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All

  1. Lesser Saints sounds awesome and like you said, right in the middle of things politically now.
    I’m sorry about the Coleen Caruso series though, but I wouldn’t write it off yet.. time will tell..!!??
    So happy you’re doing great.
    So nice to have a friend who is not only a good person but a great writer too!
    Merry Jingle Bells and hope to get together with you this New Year when you have some spare time to kill.
    Love you loads

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    • Hey Laurie! So lovely of you to comment! What a dear you are. And you would understand all about Lesser Saints and the lessons learned, as I’m sure we were both bad little sinner girls in our strict educational backgrounds and were branded as leading boys into temptation.

      It’s been ages and I really would like to get together. Let’s set it up soon, girlfriend. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and love you right back – tenfold!

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  2. Nooo! I love the Coleen Caruso series. I honestly think one of the issues you may be having with the sales is Amazon. When I was waiting for the next book to come out I always go to the first book of the series and then it will say how many are in the series and allow me to jump to the ones I don’t have. If you do that with this series Another Man’s Poison isn’t even listed as being part of it. I just happened to find the book by accident. I couldn’t even get it to show up when I searched your name on Amazon and that is a big problem. It was pure luck that I found it and it was a wonderful story.

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    • Thanks for noting that, Lara! I noticed Amazon didn’t list the third book with the first two also, but never even gave it a second thought! How strange. It makes sense that those looking for the third book and not finding it with the others would assume Another Man’s Poison isn’t even out yet! I’ll contact Amazon and see what they can do. I guess the publisher also missed that because they never said anything.

      Also, thanks for the kind words about the book. It differed from the first two, but it was a head-scratcher. So many symptoms of poisoning mimic other ailments! I sure know how to knock someone off internally now after all the research.

      Keep on reading, Lara!


  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours! That being said, please don’t stop writing the ‘Jersey Girl’ Books! I love the series and went to Amazon to look at the reviews. I realized I hadn’t left a review so I wrote one this evening.

    Amazon has been “hiding” books by independent authors. I knew about ‘Another Man’s Poison’ from your newsletter. I’m a beta reader for an author and I had a hard time finding some of her books even though I had read a beta version.

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    • Thanks so much, Ann! I’m glad you enjoy the series and didn’t realize Amazon does this with smaller publishers. I’m a little disappointed with them. Thanks also for your review. I’m going to check it out right now! I’ll have to consider going on with my Colleen. I love her bumbling attempts to get the story, and identify with her life. I’d hate to see her gone, too!

      Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the coming New Year.


  4. Good morning!! Good post and the Santa picture is cool. I loved the Jersey Girl series!!
    I read earlier comments and we’re in agreement the Jersey Girl series are terrific!!

    I’m sure your next projects will be even better!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All!!

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    • Thanks so much for commenting, Georgia! I’m doing what I can to fix the situation with Amazon, and concentrating on the other book. Hopefully in three months it can be completed and sent out to agents. In the meantime , lets all have a great holiday season and think nothing but positive thoughts every single day. Who am I kidding? God, another freaking new year . . .


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