Muggy May

Storm night-Sept 2015

Good evening everyone! It’s been over two months since I last posted (far too long), so I thought I’d let you know what’s going on with my fiction. I am still revising Recurring with the help of a critique group and it’s working out. The group catches the errors and inconsistencies an author fails to notice in a manuscript when she reads it over on her own. Critique groups can be painful, but for the most part they’re helpful. All you writers out there can benefit greatly by joining one.

New Math Is Murder Cover

My second bit of news is that I’ve submitted New Math is Murder to the Sisters in Crime – National June Book Club Central Booklist. The theme is Humorous Mysteries, and New Math is Murder is certainly funny enough to qualify in that category. Submissions are picked at random. Please keep your fingers crossed that Colleen and the gang make the cut!


For a bit of nature news, there’s a Mourning Dove that has built a nest in one of my house gutters (please excuse the grid pattern from the window screen). This was a particularly bad choice on the dove’s part. It’s been raining like mad here in New Jersey and the poor thing has been sitting there night and day for an entire week, incubating the one egg I spotted in the nest. She’s always soaked, I know she’s cold and uncomfortable, but she’s a mom and that’s what all mom’s (whether bird or human) do – sacrifice for their children. No guilt trip intended for my kid’s if one of you happens upon this post!

Have a wonderful evening and stay dry no matter where you are.

2 thoughts on “Muggy May

  1. I’m rooting for “New Math is Murder” to be picked by Sisters in Crime.
    RE: Mourning Dove – I hope by now the egg has hatched!

    Love your posts!

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  2. Georgia On My Mind!

    Thanks so much. Fingers crossed for New Math. As for the egg, so far it hasn’t hatched. Poor little bird, through all that rain! The male comes and sits on it too, so the mom isn’t completely alone in the process.
    I’ll post the newborn if and when . . . have a great night.


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