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Five Sisters-in-Crime writers spent an amazing day at the Pop-Up Shop event held inside the Monroe Library today. Eileen Watkins, Roberta Rogow, Daria Ludas, Nicki Montaperto, and yours truly, sold our books and spoke to readers and several would-be writers. It’s remarkable how talking writing can bring out the best in people. I heard life stories, dreams, and aspirations of those wishing to write, but lack the confidence to take that very first step and begin the process.

102_0451Eileen Watkins, Nicki Montaperto, Daria Ludas, and Roberta Rogow (front)

I also learned something that surprised me – I’m not as technologically-stupid as I had previously thought. Can you imagine? I actually knew how to transfer and download pictures from phones and cameras, and explained the process to a fellow writer. I also created (with the help of my daughter-in-law and WordPress) and maintain my own website. One writer has a website and she’s lost when it comes to posting – even though she had hired someone to design the site for her. I gave some suggestions (like, who am I to suggest this stuff to anyone?), but I found I actually knew what I was talking about! Okay, I’m no computer genius, but I almost feel like a tech-guru because I kinda get it.

Anyway, I had a successful book-sales day and loved talking writing, as always, to anyone who would listen.

No word on Recurring yet, but I haven’t really been sending out queries either. Hopefully more about that next week.

Enjoy the long weekend everybody. Stay warm if you’re in cold, blustery Jersey!

2 thoughts on “Pop-Up Shop

  1. You may have had some help creating your website – but kudo’s to you “Techy” for maintaining the site! Sounds like you had a successful and enjoyable day! Love reading your blogs – good pictures too!

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    • How did I not reply to this? Thank you, Georgia! And thanks for the comment on the pictures. I normally cut off heads when photographing people, and by some miracle everyone seems to have theirs on their shoulders!


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