Back to my fiction roots

Over the past eighteen months, I’ve been writing and stretching my creative wings. I’ve also rediscovered a genre I’d been neglecting for a very long time. I needed a project, something a bit different from my present preference for constructing novel-length suspense and thrillers. A submission call for short horror stories caught my eye (I can’t even remember where I saw the announcement), and I was hooked and up for the challenge.

I’m pleased to announce my short story, “Hell of a Pitcher” will appear in Fae Shivers – Forgotten Horrors, an anthology which will be released November 15, 2021. There are many wonderful stories crafted by marvelous writers who know how to tell tales that send chills up readers’ spines. If you love being scared senseless, you might want to give it a read! I’ll post links close to the publication date for those who are interested.

Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted. As I’m writing this, I’m hoping to remember all the steps I need to do in order to post this blog! Needless to say, I’ve never been big on social media platforms, and I’m clumsy and inept when it comes to conveying news of even my own work to readers – odd, I know, for a former reporter. At the newspaper, all I had to do was write the story. The other stuff, actually getting the articles into the hands (or electronically before the eyes) of readers, was done by a savvy publishing team.

Regardless, I haven’t given up on suspense and cozy mysteries. Recurring (a domestic suspense) is in forefront, and my time is consumed with Lesser Saints – which I hope will be a breakthrough novel for me. It’s coming along better than expected.

That’s it for now. More news as it happens . . . promise!

2 thoughts on “Back to my fiction roots

  1. That’s great Jo-Ann. Can’t wait.  Thanks for letting me know. Hope all is well. Heard you went out to lunch the other day.  Probably felt great to get out. It was a beautiful day.I might be done with therapy this week. Don’t know yet. It’s been a long 8 weeks of therapy but it works.  Then we have to go take dancing lessons…  No cha-cha’s yet…lolTake care! Stay safe! 😍   K

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