Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas to all! I’m trying to write a post, but so much has changed with WordPress that I’m certain I’m doing this all wrong! Regardless, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m ready to forgive them for over-complicating functions that were simple enough for even me to use.

It’s been a horrible year for everyone, me included. COVID has claimed most of 2020, and serious illness in my own family has prevented me from writing anything at all – which is the reason I’ve gone so long without posting. I’ve been in limbo since September and can barely manage to get through the day. I don’t know when things will get better, but I have learned not to say, “things can’t possibly get any worse.” Trust me, things can always get worse! Thank The Lord for Xanax. I couldn’t have gotten this far without it.

I vow to do better from this moment on and hope those who follow this blog will continue to do so. Things will possibly settle down in the near future, and if so, (fingers crossed) I will be able to throw myself completely into writing. As for tonight, I’ll settle into the sofa and watch the rest of It’s A Wonderful Life. Yeah, right. What does Frank Capra know?

Enjoy the season everybody. May all good things come your way!

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