Launch Day

It’s finally out! Fae Shivers – Forgotten horrors. My story is Hell of a Pitcher (yes, it’s a baseball story). After years of watching my boys in Little League, JV, Varsity, and traveling leagues, as well as observing cut-throat players, coaches, and parents, I’m something of a minor expert. The touch of demonic comes from my warped imagination.

Clicking on Fae Shivers in the paragraph above should bring you to the Amazon page. Digital. I don’t believe the book is available in hardcopy (boo-hoo). I’m also posting a direct link from the publisher for Kobo, Apple Books, etc.:

As for my other writing projects, I’m working my tail (or tale, get it?) off writing. I hope to have some great news to share in the coming weeks!

Meanwhile, stay safe and warm (it’s 44 degrees here in New Jersey). Keep an eye out for our regional tornadoes!

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