Feeling the Crunch and Finding a Poison

Dusty Christmas


Ten more days until Christmas and nothing is done — especially writing!

I can’t believe what a slug I’ve been, with both the decorations and the next book. The cards are out, with only two returning for messed-up addresses. Nothing is decorated, though all the gifts are wrapped thanks to The Dust Man, my four-pawed helper. But all this Christmas business will get done before the 25th — not so with finding a decent poison.

I want to kill someone off with poison in my next book, but it’s so difficult to find one that will make a person sick, not kill them — and forget about finding one that won’t leave the victim with permanent damage! Oh, and poisons tend to give off all sorts of disgusting symptoms which an author simply can’t describe in a quiet, cozy mystery!

Maybe the subject matter is a little dark for the holidays, but it’s plenty bright for me! I’ll ask my doctor at my next appointment. The last time I asked him, he suggested pesticide. Sounds a little boring, don’t you think? Oh well, I’ll figure it out.

Meanwhile, enjoy your decorating, readers! If you need an extra paw to help you, I’ll send The Dust Man over!

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