Let It Snow?


So here we are — our very first major snowfall of the season. It’s awful outside. Cold. Wet. Fluffy. I really hate this white sh-t! I just came in from shoveling (only lasted about 20 minutes) and I’m thoroughly exhausted, so I decided to wait until the kids next door wake up and come over to do it. I’ll go outside and help them out, but these kids do the brunt of the work and they work for cheap! It only cost a Mexican lasagna (which I make for them and provide all the trimmings) and a big hug. They’re nice, good-natured  boys — early twenties, sleep ’til noon — you know the type. Like we were in our early twenties.  They LOVE Mexican food. And they won’t take money, no matter how many times you offer it.

As this infamous Nor’beaster continues to dump snow throughout the day, I’m thrilled it won’t be the 2 – 3 feet predicted. So far it looks like 8 – 9 inches, but it’s a pain just the same. If I’m not totally wiped out by this afternoon, I may be able to actually write something longer than this post! Though it’s tempting to outline a thriller that has lots of snow as part of a woman against nature theme, I’ve begun working on something that’s even better. More mainstream, more woman in peril, more mysterious with plot twists and turns — fun stuff. And NO SNOW!!!

I’ll also be outlining my next chapter for Food For Thought, the third in my Jersey Girl Cozy Mystery series. So I’ll have loads to keep me occupied, as long as the power doesn’t go out. Until I settle down to work, you’ll find me out in the driveway, shoveling this crap and dreaming of warmer, brighter days.

Stay well everyone, and keep warm!

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