Ancient Mysteries



A recent discovery in the Stonehenge area reawakened my nearly lifelong passion for the subject (see the above photo I took about five years ago when I dragged my butt up that huge hill and walked around it with tons of other tourists). When I was a kid, my mind yearned for an explanation for the Neolithic structure. I came to the usual eight-year-old girl’s conclusion that those huge stones were dragged to that Salisbury Plain spot in Wiltshire in order for the druids to have a decent place to offer up their human sacrifices. Okay, I was a weird little kid and was always interested in the bizarre – and my imagination often concocted some pretty gruesome rationalizations. It still does.

Of course the present-day theory is that Stonehenge is a burial site, changed from a giant calendar and/or an acoustical wonder of an amphitheater.

Now researchers have discovered a ridge about two miles from the Stonehenge site. What’s that all about? I have a theory! It could be to keep the ground from slipping away, or perhaps, and think about this like an eight-year-old girl would, a way to contain the rivers of blood from all those Druid sacrifices and keep the red liquid within the Stonehenge area in order to fertilize the ground! Very Harvest Home – and if you haven’t read it and loved Shirley Jackson’s creepy The Lottery, it’s pretty cheap for the Kindle edition. I think Shirley Jackson and Tom Tryon, who wrote Harvest Home back in the 70s, both had a little of that old Druid blood in them.

We all love a good mystery, and we love to solve them, too. I still want to know what happened to Amelia Earhart and I want proof before I die! I want to know who D.B. Cooper was and if he lived after parachuting from that plane with his ransom. And what happened to Judge Crater? And Jimmy Hoffa? Yeah, I know. Giants Stadium. I was there though, and he wasn’t! Now someone claims he’s in an oil drum beneath the Pulaski Skyway. I’m not going there to look, but still, I’d like to know.

Does anyone else have a great mystery in mind they’d love to see solved? Leave a comment so we can all share the joy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the whole back-to-work routine now and have a great week.

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