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LBI Lighthouse – I love Jersey pics!


A happy hello everyone!

I thought I’d let you writers out there know I’ve created a new page on joannlamonreccoppa.com that I hope will be of interest to writers, as well as to readers interested in the writing process. I call it Writer’s Stuff (real original, huh?) and as I understand it, notifications do not go out when I post something to that page. Who knew they only go out when you post on the home page! So there it is, I’ll have to post an announcement on the home page whenever I add to the Writer’s Stuff section to let you know.

As I discovered from going back and forth with WordPress, I would have to upgrade to something more expensive in order to have the notifications sent when I do post to a different page. As a poor, starving  writer (you’d never guess it to look at me), I can cover the cost for the domain name, but not an upgraded premium package.

So there it is. I hope you check it out.

Meanwhile . . . still waiting on word about the two books out!

Have a wonderful weekend.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Stuff

  1. Two days trying to figure out how to do this, Georgia! Two days! I’m such a numbskull on line. Pathetic! Thanks for the comment and my son took the shot above – and climbed to the very top! I don’t think this is the supposedly haunted lighthouse featured on Ghosthunters though.


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