Groundhog Day


Atlantic Highlands

As it is February 2nd, I expect to keep waking up and repeating this day again and again, much like Bill Murray did in the movie. Who wouldn’t want to relive a single day, accomplish so much, then finally make things right? It would be so much fun up to a point. Then, of course, it’s boring.

According to groundhog Punxsutawney Phil  we have six more weeks of winter. A little closer to home, Staten Island Chuck predicts an early spring. All this means absolutely nothing. The two groundhogs only occasionally agree on their predictions, and more often than not winter tends to hang on until she’s good and ready to let go.

Winter or spring, I’m all set for the beach, as well as for crime. Finally some good news about Another Man’s Poison! A few changes will be necessary before the book goes to editing (the publisher’s edits, that is). You can bet I’ll be working my tail off to get it just right, and hopefully Another Man’s Poison will at last see the light of day in the coming months. Meanwhile, Recurring is stuck in limbo, and the first book in my next series is at the mid-way point. I guess I have a thing for murder. Pretty exciting stuff for me!


Author Jane Kelly

Speaking of murder, last week I met up Philly author Jane Kelly in Atlantic Highlands for a leisurely lunch and a good, long chat as we gazed out at crystal-clear Raritan Bay – Colleen Caruso’s stomping ground. The weather was fairly warm, very breezy, and perfect.

Generally we seek each other out at mystery conferences, so this setting was a special treat. Cousin Jane (I call her that because there are a slew of Kellys on the Lamon side of my family and I figure she must be related to me somehow) loves murder as much as I do, not to mention the shore! Her books take place down the Jersey Shore, like mine, and feature likable, resolute sleuth Meg Daniels. Jane’s fiction is a joy to read and worth checking into if you like dead bodies and such. Visit her website at:

That’s all the news I have for now. Hopefully I can update next week, when I know exactly what is going on with Colleen and the gang.

Have a wonderful weekend all!


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