Cover Reveal


Another Man’s Poison (pre-tweaked)

After a laborious four hours of trying to convert a pdf file to a jpeg, I am finally able to post the cover of Another Man’s Poison. I never did figure out how accomplish this bit of magic, so my techie son had to come around and do it for me! The colors might be changed (there is a lovely amber background and also a purple background version), but I’m partial to green because I’m half Irish. The layout of the words on the cover might shift somewhat, but this is basically the cover. Whatever version the publisher decides to go with will be fine by me.

So, what’s the verdict? Feel free to comment.

I think I’m looking at more of a July release than June. I know it’s a long time coming and I’m sorry about that. It took a while to write, and a long wait for publication. This mystery is something of a departure for our Colleen, and poison kills a lot quicker than the time it takes to write about it.  But it is coming and I’m thrilled to death that the date is drawing near.

Have a great day and keep reading!

8 thoughts on “Cover Reveal

  1. Thank you, Merry Reviewer and former Jersey Girl! You know cozy writers love you, right? I’ve read your Amazon reviews and you’re so into fun books and mysteries. Fantastic job!


    • Thanks so much Dru Ann! Your site is the absolute best book showcase on the internet, so your comment is HIGH praise. Keep on keeping on – writers and readers both Love you (get it?) . . .


  2. I have been patiently waiting for your new book since the last one, I’m going crazy already with anticipation! I’ve truly fallen in love with this series, and I hope I won’t have to wait much longer. I love the cover by the way!

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    • Ah, either you’re psychic or you’ve read Dru’s blog this morning! Another Man’s Poison is out next month and I’ve been busy these last few days writing acknowledgments and guest posts and such! So glad you like the cover, so do I. The artist really nailed Colleen with her depiction. Thanks so much for loving the series. Of course you’ll be a little nervous about eating after reading this one . . .

      Have a wonderful day and my thanks for nudging me into a writing a new post tonight!


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