All Saints Day and I Don’t Feel a Bit Saintly



Old Bridge, NJ

Hello readers and writers. It’s been a while. As this is the official fall color season, I’m posting a few pics of the semi-local trees changing. They’re gorgeous this year.


Thompson Park – Monroe Township, NJ

Onto writing, or rather the search for an agent. I’ve sent Recurring to two thus far, and have heard not so much as a peep from either of them. This is probably the most discouraging part of getting a book published. Good representation is key to placing a manuscript with the right publisher. Unfortunately, almost every agent I’ve researched list in their guidelines that they might take anywhere from two weeks to two months to let you know if they decide to request the full manuscript – and if you don’t hear from them you can assume they are not interested. Oh, as an added bonus, they would rather you didn’t query more than one agent at a time. This has always annoyed me, as a poor writer could be left hanging for months, hoping and praying, all for naught. One sap I know has been waiting for six months to hear back from an agent! He absolutely refuses to send his book elsewhere until he hears from the literary agency where he originally sent his manuscript. It seems we writers are the bottom of the barrel in the publishing world. I know agents have their pick, but at least let an author know one way or another.

So I’m playing the waiting game, but I do have other news. Yeah, it’s equally unpleasant.

The publisher of my Jersey Girl cozies, PageSpring Publishing, is officially closing up shop in December. This means the books (both paperback and electronically) will no longer be available for sale after November 30th. If you’ve skipped one of the books in the series, order it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble this month or you may never be able to read it. The links below will lead you to all the Jersey Girl books:


Barnes and Noble:

The only good news is that PageSpring is being kind enough to gift their files to all the authors in their writers’ stable come December. This means I can go to a different publisher who will re-issue the series with a new ISBN, and who perhaps will request additional books for the series. We’ll see how that goes. The first step is to contact various publishers to see if they’re interested, or even find an agent (sigh) to see if they’ll consider representing the series.

Meanwhile, I’m diligently working on my Boardwalk Psychic series and as always, hoping for the best. Who knows? Maybe this is the incentive I needed to kick my output up a notch or two.


South Brunswick, NJ

Have a great night and wonderful weekend everybody! Get out and enjoy the beautiful fall colors.


2 thoughts on “All Saints Day and I Don’t Feel a Bit Saintly

  1. I think its terrible agents can keep writers waiting for a response or not answer at all!!! Why???
    The Jersey Girls cozies is good reading and I’m sure another publisher will pick up and re-issue the series and request additional books!! Everyone I know who has read them, love them!! If there are agents and publishers reading this – sign this writer up!!!

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