Is it spring yet?


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Has it really been more than two months since my last post here? Time flies, but not really. Lately, it kind of drags. So much is happening in some areas of my writing life, while not so much in other areas.

I’m writing, working on new and exciting projects, going to critiques and conferences, and attending writers’ groups. It takes time, energy, and dedication. The search for an agent and a new publisher goes achingly slow. This is the most discouraging part of being an author (at least, for me).

Trying to create a social media presence is also a pain. I’m not a bragger by nature. There’s something inside me that keeps me from sharing the usual “hey, look at me” crap so many in my field use to stir up interest in their work. I don’t blame them. Actually, I admire them for being able to do that. It would probably help to have a grandiose Facebook page with tons of followers and a billion likes, but most authors’ posts have nothing at all to do with writing – even their own. I can’t see the relevance of sharing an author’s latest bowel movement just to have something to post every day. This explains why I have a Facebook page I don’t know how to use, or care to use, and why the only thing I really know how to do is click on that little “thumbs up” thing when I like something someone else has posted – generally pics of dogs and cats, or a really cute joke. I suppose I’ll have to figure it all out. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of legitimate writing posts to share with my multitude of Facebook followers – six in all!

Recurring is still making the rounds, ditto for finding a publisher to reissue the Jersey Girl series. Agents take up to six months to get back to you (yeah, I’ve mentioned this before. I’m repeating myself).


New projects are faring better. My short story, Slow-Cooked, is almost done but needs a bigger punch for the ending. I’m working on it. The critique group got a kick out of what exists of the story so far. The Boardwalk Psychic books are coming along nicely. Hopefully the first will be complete soon and I can shop it around as a series – which takes time. Dear God, I’m repeating myself again!

On a more mundane note, it’s going to snow again here in New Jersey. Garden State, my ass! I’m sick to death of seeing white. Did someone misplace spring? Where are those lovely yellow forsythias I’ve been waiting all year to see?

Have a wonderful day and please feel free to comment. It lets me know someone is actually reading my posts.


4 thoughts on “Is it spring yet?

  1. You’ve been writing for such a long time. There’s an agent out there who is going to do great things with your hard work. Keep the faith, it’s gonna happen.

    I love reading your posts too!


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