Happy Easter

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Wishing all a Happy Easter!

I haven’t posted in a bit because there’s been no news to share. However . . . I did finally manage to submit a short story to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and so far, so good. It’s a waiting game now to see if they’ll agree to publish my tongue-in-cheek murder plot entitled Slow-Cooked. If you’re thinking “what a bizarre name for a short story,” you’re absolutely right. Think about it for a moment. Now do you fully understand what I sick mind I have?

I’ve also entered the fun Werble Flomp contest – an annual event for those of us who love truly awful and/or sarcastic poetry. I don’t expect to win and didn’t enter to win either. I just needed to submit something somewhere, and know I that could still make a last-minute deadline like I used to do in my stringer days! I came up with a twisted little ditty – Ode to the 737 Max. It’s both awful and sarcastic! I promise to share this sicko-rhyme as soon as I find out I’m not a winner. If by the slightest chance the poem places somewhere in the winning sphere, I’ll furnish a link for all to read.

Meanwhile, my first book in the Boardwalk Psychic SeriesThe Body on the Boardwalk (working title) is coming along – slowly! Man, I’m such a ditz. I haven’t even decided on the killer yet!  As for Recurring, haven’t heard a peep from any agents. Do publishers suddenly hate thrillers with twist endings?

So have a wonderful weekend. Don’t eat too much chocolate and lay off those colored eggs!

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I love your post! The flowers are so pretty. Good luck on the short story and I have a feeling you’ll be getting a call to publish your story. You’re such a good writer!!

    Happy Easter!!!

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