Winter Wonderland


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Happy Holidays to all! The snow is falling here in Central Jersey, though it shouldn’t be. It’s only December 2nd, still technically autumn and way too soon to contend with this white sh*t. Is Mother Nature on steroids or something?

I’ve been on a short hiatus from writing due to some health issues. My concentration hasn’t been up to par for several weeks, but now is a great time to reengage in my own fictional world. To help fuel the writing fire, I’ve been tracking down the fates of several stories that have been in the hands of potential publishers for the past few months. As I learn more, I’ll pass on the info – good or bad. And I can’t wait to submerge myself in my Boardwalk Psychic series. It’s been a while since I’ve spent time with Dani Grotowski inside her mother’s psychic reading booth in fictional Sun Beach, New Jersey.

To pass the time (and to keep from going crazy), I’ve been reading a lot and watching as much mystery as I can on TV. I am especially intrigued by Dublin Murders on Starz, though after Sunday’s episode, I’m just about ready to scream. Has anyone else been following this series? If so, did you find the latest installment unbelievably contrived? How convenient that the dead girl (Lexie) looks exactly like Cassie! And what a coincidence that Cassie just happened to have an imaginary friend as a child named Lexie . . . Oh, and Cassie’s going to impersonate her doppelganger . . . What the hell? Seriously? Though I won’t do spoilers here, are they kidding? The series is based on two books by author Tana French – “In the Woods” and “The Likeness.” The stories are sort of combined, but not seamlessly. What annoys me most is that if I e-submitted a story like that to an editor or agent, they’d reject it faster than you can hit “reply” to an email. I’ll continue to watch, of course, because I’d like to know how this thing ends – but are they for real? Sorry. Enough of my rant. If anyone thinks this storyline is brilliant, kindly leave a comment and let me know why.

To end this post, I wish everyone a joyful holiday season. Hopefully I’ll be able to post again before Christmas with some really great news.

Stay healthy and keep reading!






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