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Here I am in my NJ Devils jersey, feeling blue because my team stinks on ice this year and didn’t make the playoffs. But this morning lifted me out of the doldrums.

Today the Great Escapes Tour for Hide nor Hair stops at both Shelley’s Book Case and Cozy Up With Kathy. I can’t tell you how much I love this — especially the comments. I love to hear what readers think, and how they think — and they do think a whole lot! I guess it’s all that reading that makes them so smart. Because I’ve never done a book tour before, I’m totally stupid about comments and things. I intend to reply to the comments, just as I did as a guest poster on Dru’s Book Musings for New MathA Day in the Life of Colleen Caruso. I don’t know if it’s against blog etiquette or not, but I think it’s always better to connect with people who are kind enough to leave a comment or enter a giveaway. Hopefully everyone will understand if by doing so I’ve committed a blog tour faux pas, but I’ve made a complete fool of myself many times in the past so why change now?

Speaking of Dru’s Book Musings, I contacted the sensational Dru Ann Love last night and she’s committed until August with guest posts, but she did say she would love to have to me back for a Hide nor Hair guest post at that time.

So there it stands for now — a Jersey gal who’s off to reply to comments and further contemplate the next book in the series.

And a heartfelt welcome to all the newcomers who have signed up to follow my blog and to those who have dropped by to pay me a visit. Have a wonderful day and read something great!

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