Tour Almost Over

Jo-Ann in Coral

The blog tour is almost over and though it’s virtual, I still found the process a bit intimidating! I’ve never done a blog tour before and was amazed at all the coordinating that has to be done in order to make it happen. How are these hosts able to do all these things and still find time to go to the bathroom? It would take me weeks and weeks to even attempt something like this, so my hat is off to all the bloggers who feature authors and participate in giveaways! Many thanks to all the sites that did such a beautiful job of hosting for Hide nor Hair, and thanks also to Great Escapes for arranging the tour.

That being said, Hide nor Hair has received some good reviews from several of the stops, most recently Michele Lynn Seigfried’s Blog (who I learned is also a Jersey gal), and LibriAmorMiei. There were also guest posts on Brooke Blogs and A Blue Million Books if anyone would like to check them out.

Tomorrow is the last stop and that will be at Queen of All She Reads — with both a guest post and a review. My fingers are crossed that the review will be favorable.

So that’s it for now — except to mention the above picture. I went to a photographer and had some shots taken for Hide nor Hair. This was my alternate picture, and of course there is one more because it’s cheaper to get a package deal with professional photographs. No, it doesn’t look much like me at all! I swear, I DO have eyebrows! My eyes are bigger! My hair is darker (at least for now it is). For comparison, below is the self-shot taken with my iPad. This is what I really look like. And don’t run screaming to your mothers that there’s a monster on this blog site!

BTW — a happy welcome to all the new friends and followers!

Different Photo

2 thoughts on “Tour Almost Over

  1. I absolutely *love* the professional headshot you posted here! Heck, it’s better than any of the pictures I snapped the afternoon I climbed all over your couches and chairs trying to get the perfect snapshot! 🙂 xoxo


    • Thank you dear! Um . . . it still doesn’t look much like me — all that makeup! They actually airbrushed liquid foundation or something on my face. I felt like I was ready for my casket close-up.

      Run Happy, Jess!

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