Colleen Caruso’s Stomping Ground

raritan bay waterfront park south amboy

The craziness is over with the release of Hide nor Hair and the blog tour that followed. Now is the time to get back to full days of writing. I can use a field trip for inspiration. No, not a casino (though that would be a pretty good place to research something I might write about in the future). But I was thinking more of the ocean.

The picture above is a pretty good place to look for inspiration. It’s a view of Raritan Bay from South Amboy (Raritan Bay Waterfront Park) – not too far from where I live. My daughter-in-law snapped it while out on one of her many runs. Raritan Bay is Colleen Caruso’s stomping ground — though the fictional town of Tranquil Harbor is further south and more toward the border of Monmouth County. You can see why Colleen gravitates to the waterfront whenever life is getting a little too much for her to handle. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Even closer to my house is Laurence Harbor (also on Raritan Bay – there are lots of towns lucky enough to have the bay in their backyards). I haven’t seen that beach for years, even though I live in the township. I plan to take a camera, or better still, my iPad, and snap away. For some strange reason, I don’t mess up with the iPad, but cameras intimidate me. I know I’ll always leave something out or chop something off if I take a picture with a phone or a camera. I don’t want to cut out any part of the bay. I love it so much.

Anyway, with the summer heat on the way I’ll be posting more pics of the local beaches for everyone to drool over.

It’s the Jersey Girl thing to do!

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