Dru’s Book Musings and Alfred Hitchcock


I’m pleased to be writing another guest post for Dru’s Book Musings, Another Ordinary Day with Colleen Caruso, which goes live on Sunday morning, July 26. I’ve had so much fun writing it up and I hope everyone enjoys it and leaves a fun comment. There’s also a book giveaway, in case anyone is interested in trying to win a copy.  Here’s the direct link if you’d like to take a peek:


About the above photo — my sister has a place in gorgeous Dinard, France, and she sent me a few pictures that she took this week. It is, of course, Alfred Hitchcock (notice the birds on his shoulders), and the real, live gull flying into the picture ready to rip him apart, as various species did in The Birds. I was fortunate enough to visit Dinard several years ago and took a picture of the same statue, sans the glare, and if I could find that one I would post it. I think it’s on a thumb drive somewhere in my desk. If I ever find it, I’ll put it in a future post.


If you look closely at this picture of the beach in Dinard, you can see a tall, old house on a hill in the background. This house is said to be Hitchcock’s inspiration for the old Bates house behind the motel in the movie Psycho. Apparently Hitchcock loved Dinard and spent a lot of time there. Funny how we look at the scenery and notice the sun, the sand, and the beautiful blue water, while Alfred sees birds ripping people to shreds and psychotic killers who have a thing for their mothers. To each his own I guess!

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out Dru’s site tomorrow, and enjoy what remains of this beautiful weekend!

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