Snowmageddon 2016


I’m sitting at my desk, exhausted, trying to think of something clever to post about shoveling out from 20+ inches of snow. Nothing comes to mind.

The shot of my side yard looks like a moonscape. The sly wind that whipped between my house and my neighbor’s plastic fence produced the amazing mounds (seen above) that will remain there until July! Rather than bore you to tears recounting feats of strength, determination, and one particularly nasty, death-defying close encounter with a snow shovel, I’ll tell you what I did after I dug out enough to fully open my front door. I flopped on the couch with a pillow and a blanket, started watching a DVD of Alien, and promptly conked out – yeah, the mouth-open, drool-on-the-pillow kind of sleep that only grueling manual labor can bring.

Then I woke up and started reading a new book!

This is what we should all be doing on snowy weekends! I picked up The Good Girl by Mary Kubica at the library and decided it was just different enough from the kind of fiction I usually read that I’d give it a try. So far, so good, though I’ve read very little of it. It would probably go a little faster if I had it on my Kindle, but this is a real, live, physical book and I have to manually turn the pages – not just tap the screen. So much effort after a long, hard day!

I’m reviewing a good amount of my own work each day – a few hours worth of it, day-in, day-out. It’s seems like I’ve been doing this forever, but I think the extra effort that’s going into these two books will be worth it.

So sit back everyone. Relax. Open a book. Read! Wait up for the X-Files tonight (I’m soooo excited), and try not to fall asleep.

Be safe on the roads fellow readers and writers.



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