The February Funk

Sunrise Beach

Sunrise Beach. We’re ready for you!

We’re over the halfway point in February and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m itching for spring. It feels like it’s been such a long winter, even though there has only been one major snow storm here in New Jersey and temperatures, with the exception of zero degrees over the weekend, have been relatively mild. Still, enough already. I want to throw open the windows and air the joint out. I want to see green, and not just in a mug of St. Patrick’s Day beer. I want leaves and flowers. I want warm days and fragrant breezes other than those that blow out of my clothes dryer vent and hit me in the face when I walk out the door. We’re due!

It’s time to refresh my writing, too. When my mind is in a funk, my words and thoughts get a little dull. I think it happens to most writers. I remember reading The Shining, with Jack Torrence typing the same few words over and over again – page after page. His stale phrase was the result of a creepy hotel, a lack of booze, too much snow, and cabin fever. What’s my excuse? It isn’t any of those things, though I probably should be drinking a whole lot more to improve my mental health (I’m thinking Colleen Caruso’s favorite – gin and tonic – with real tonic water and not diet, if you please).

I believe we all get stuck in our own ruts, and it’s especially true in winter when we feel a little housebound, even if we’re free to come and go.

I had a big lift out of my winter blahs yesterday from a Jersey Girl in Florida named Merry. She reads this blog, and sent me a link to her review of Hide Nor Hair, which she posted yesterday on Amazon:

Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa has done it again! I absolutely LOVE Colleen! And of course being a NJ girl, I recognize a lot of the settings. I love how she handles her kids, and how absolutely snarky she can be. The action and twists and turns keep you going even into the wee hours of the night     . . .

To read the full review, click here: Merry’s Review

Obviously, I was thrilled when I read it. And it was just the encouragement I needed to keep me going and to start thinking fresh, new thoughts. Many thanks, Merry! I already know you’re an avid reader and a prolific review writer. I don’t know if you’re a FICTION writer. If not, maybe you should consider it! I don’t even mind the competition!

Click below for a complete list of Merry’s reviews:

I’ve already signed up to follow her.

Okay, so it’s back to the word program for me, and hopefully back to reading and writing for all of you. Have a great week. We’ll talk soon!



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