Mother’s Day and Matricide



Happy Mother’s Day all! Okay, there actually isn’t a matricide here, but wouldn’t that make an interesting story?

This Mother’s Day was all about lovely plants like the hydrangea above, and the best Mexican food in New Jersey at El Meson on Main Street in Freehold. Obviously, I’ll be planting the hydrangea tomorrow. Tonight I’m still trying to digest my scrumptious late lunch. I think I’m drunk on food.


Isn’t this the most delicious looking thing you’ve ever seen? It’s like a belated Cinco de Mayo!

But enough about food and flowers. The real deal here is mystery, and I’ve contacted an agent who showed a spark of interest in Recurring to let her know it’s done and I’m ready to send it. Oddly, I’m feeling a little blue about that. It’s like a post-Christmas let down. What do I do if I’m not fretting over the book? Like every other writer I know, I’m moving on to the next project. I have another stand-alone idea I’ve been toying with, an exciting new storyline for a fourth Jersey Girl book that I’d like to pursue, and a terrific idea for a another series.

I’ve been rereading Another Man’s Poison (originally titled Food for Thought) and discovered an interesting angle that I missed in past rewrites. I really want to pursue this because it’s funny and adds to the book. Yeah, the Jersey Girl Cozy Mysteries are primarily about mystery, but everyone is nuts in this state (as if the world doesn’t already know this), and I want my writing to reflect that craziness. So I’m rewriting a bit more and will have the manuscript in tiptop shape before I send it to the publisher in a couple of weeks.  They will then decide if it’s a hit or a miss. Keep your fingers crossed for Colleen and the gang!

So have a great night readers, a wonderful week, and remember — no matricide no matter how much you hate your mother!

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Matricide

  1. Oh Jo-Ann,
    I am so excited to read your upcoming releases! I am waiting patiently. And the new storyline for Jersey Girl, I know, being from Jersey and still having daughters there, that everyone IS crazy – so…I can’t wait to read it and have some MORE fun!

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    • Thanks Merry! Things are moving along. I read your Amazon Review of Hex on the Beach (I signed up to get alerts every time you review). Sounds like a great book — and I’m right! You have the soul of an author. Think about it . . .



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